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Back Off! I Don’t Want Your Sales Pitch

I don’t want your oils, Karen.

Or your nail polish that’s not nail polish, Susan.

Look, whatever pyramid you’re climbing today, no matter how high, healthy, or cool – I’m good. 

If I don’t reply to your first invite (and I won’t) – let it go and leave me out of it.

Good for you, you’ve found a product you can really get behind.

I, for one, value products I can buy without becoming a slave to them.

I’m perfectly happy with my “less than superior” 100% food-grade essential oils from Whole Foods or Target.

I’m also completely content with my drug store rapid dry nail polish.

I find brush strokes more comforting and mature than stickers.

At the end of the day, after all your sales pitches, my nerves are so damn bad that I’m gonna bite that shit off anyway.

Good luck in your endeavors, but please, just take my silence as a polite refusal of your new-found expert services.

In other words… BACK OFF!

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