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Okay, Some of Y’all are Just Plain NASTY

As an Editor for several venues, I see a good bit of Press Releases and Media Alerts for cool startups, health & beauty sites, upcoming books and movies, and on and on. While a lot of that is really cool to be on the “inside” of, some of the more fun stuff that comes across my desk tends to be unexpected web series, podcasts, and really surprisingly, surveys.

And this one is no exception.

You can see their methodology at the end of this release and before we get to their findings, I have two things to say and one question.

Statement 1 – Some of y’all are indeed NASTY!

Statement 2 – Never marry a man with a red car!

Question – How, in the name of all things Holy, are so damn MANY of you peeing in bottles?

Anyway, check out what this survey found about the kinds of crap people are leaving in their cars, and which car owners are the most guilty.


  • Old tissues are the number one item people leave in their car with 39.1% admitting to this!
  • 32.2% of people are guilty of leaving a PEE bottle in their car!
  • When it comes to cleaning their cars 11.7% admit to NEVER doing so!
  • RED car owners have the messiest cars, with 33.5% of people never cleaning theirs!
  • Shockingly, 1 in 10 (10.3%) have left used condoms and 8% have left used sanitary items in their car!

It’s easy to get swept up in the day-to-day chaos. Maintaining order in our lives can be taxing and so keeping up with the mess that accumulates in our car is not a priority. 

This inspired EOT Cleaning to ask the question; what are some of the grossest things people have kept in their car?

They surveyed 3,230 people from across globe, asking them ‘What are some of the grossest things you have had in your car that you may have forgotten about

 EOT Cleaning also wanted to look at owners with specific car colours to see which colour cars are the dirtiest inside

Item Percentage of people who have had this in their car
Old tissues 39.1%
Old take-away food 38.6%
Pee bottles 32.2%
Receipts 29.5%
Chocolate wrappers 27.4%
Old groceries 25.8%
Broken car parts 23.3%
Used nappies 18.3%
Chewed chewing gum 12.8%
Used condoms10.3%
Hair (removed from hairbrush)9.7%
Unwashed gym clothes 8.9%
Used towels8.7%
Used sanitary equipment 7.9%
Sex toys 1.8%

Shockingly, 39.1% of people admitted to having tissues lying around in their car. Perhaps the most dangerous to have sedentary in your car during the COVID-19 era. 

EOT Cleaning found that in second place is old take-away food with 38.6% of people saying they have had this in their car. We’ve all been guilty of leaving McDonalds remnants in the car from time to time, but with most people (41.7%) only cleaning their car every six months, it begs the question; how long has that food been sitting there?

Shockingly, in third place, 32.2% of people have shockingly admitted to keeping pee bottles in their car. With 11.7% of people never cleaning their car; how many pee bottles are there out there?

In fourth and fifth place are receipts and chocolate wrappers with 29.5% and 27.4% of the votes respectively. 

Among the shocking items in the list, repulsively, 10.3% of people have left used condoms in their car and 7.9% of people have left sanitary items in their car. 

How often do we really clean our car?

Duration between cleansPercentage of people that say they clean their car this often 
Once a week 4.0%
Once every two weeks6.5%
Once every two/three months24.7%
Once every 6 months 41.7%
Once a year 7.9%
Every other year 3.5%
Never 11.7%

EOT Cleaning also found that of the 3,230 people surveyed, 11.7% said they have NEVER cleaned their car. End of Tenancy Cleaning Services wanted to find out which colour car is the dirtiest inside. 

Which car owners are the messiest?

Of the 11.7% who have never cleaned their car: 

As the dirtiest, in first place are red cars with 33.5% of people who NEVER clean their car owning a red one.

Colour car owned Number/percentage of people who NEVER clean their car
Red 33.5%
Black 23.7%
Grey 18.0%
Blue 9.0%
Green 6.2%
Bronze 1.9%
Orange 1.1%
Yellow 0.6%

Black cars follow behind in second place, with 23.7% of owners admitting to never cleaning their car. 

Grey cars rank in third place, with 18% of people who do not clean their car owning grey.

In fourth and fifth are blue and cars, with 9% and 6.2% of people who never clean their car owning these colours respectively. 


  1. EOT Cleaning collated a list of 18 items that are considered ‘gross’ to leave in the car for a long time. They did this by surveying 3,230 Brits to ask them for the things they are embarrassed to admit they had left in the car.
  2. They then asked respondents further questions like ‘how often do you clean your car?’ and ‘what colour car do you own?’
  3. Survey was conducted on 02/11/2020.

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