the value of faith

The Value of Faith

“Be true to yourself, and you’ll never be false to anyone else.” Shakespeare

Faith is devotion to something – God, a cause, another person, an organization, anything else that is important to you. It also means devotion to yourself. Faith takes commitment. It’s an action word.

Those that practice faith build strong character. If you have something to be faithful to, you have devotion and purpose. Also, in low times filled with sadness and fear, Faith can bring you to the other side.

What Are The Benefits of Faith?

  1. Faith can bring you inner strength. When the winds of adversity blow, you can stand firm in your faith. You can realize that you aren’t alone and that what you have faith in will be true and always with you.
  2. Faith allows you to be selfless and serve the less fortunate. When you have faith you can realize that those in need can be helped by your generosity. Treat others as you would like to be treated. You have been given much, why not give back?
  3. Faith can help you discover your purpose. If you look inward and find your strength, you can lead others and find purpose. Passion and daily action can lead to a purposeful life. If you don’t have passion or daily action, you are missing the drive to living a meaningful life and to find your purpose.
  4. Faith can help you overcome anxiety and stress. It can give you a sense of relief from knowing you’re not alone in this world of fears and anxiety. Faith allows us to have something to fall back on.

With all the fears and uncertainty in this world we can rely on our faith to bring us through. Faith is an action word. We must rely on our devotion to what we find we believe in, Learn to live faithfully and you can build upon that. What is the value of faith in your life?

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