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“Ugly” – Health Challenge 3/30

I’m not gonna lie. I woke up “ugly” and posted a video in that state. The reaction from the community was heartwarming. I was getting DMs (direct messages) and text messages from a lot of people wishing me well. Was it because they thought I was really sick and they were reaching out?

Here’s the thing – I posted “the ugly” on purpose because it’s real. I literally had just gotten out of bed, put on my shoes, and got on camera to journal how I was feeling in this health and wellness journey and I’m a little surprised by the reaction of people. Like I said, it was heartwarming but…


First, though… note that I’ve conscientiously put the word ugly in quotes because I don’t think I’m for real ugly, but I sure wasn’t going to stay that I was feeling pretty or even presentable! In fact, if anyone had agreed that I was “ugly” in those few seconds of sharing, I would have laughed and heartily agreed.

Certainly, the word ugly is translated differently dependent on mindset and its use. In this case, one could say that I was frightful, unattractive, or even vile. So what?

Does that make me less of a person?

Are we so attached to our social media and putting our “best face forward” that it’s a concern when we show the “ugly” truth?

Why are so many people afraid of revealing what they really look like or how they really feel?

Showing the “Ugly” and Being Real

In today’s video journal, you saw “the real me” – the early morning, grumpy and sore; sleep swollen and TIRED version of me. It never occurred to me NOT to post it because I’m not out to impress anyone. I’m just sharing my story.

My HOPE is that some of my younger friends will realize that their social media life is not REAL life. Certainly, it’s a part of our life but it’s not the end all, be all. One of my younger, more recent connections had posted that she was feeling depressed because everyone was living these “wonderful lives” and her life was shit in comparison.

NO, HONEY, NO! Those “wonderful lives” and beautiful pictures took time to stage. Most likely there were several attempts to get it “just right.” That’s not reality. That’s not a one-take shot.

Take a look at my Instagram account. Do you think life works out in a checkerboard pattern?

No. No, it doesn’t. I often plan which images I want to post because I want to maintain the pattern. That’s not real life.

Of course, anyone who wants to build up their social media wants to brand themselves with their best face. My brand is being as real as possible; marketing and small business, and embracing the creative process. Sometimes that means I’m going to get out of bed “ugly” and talk to the camera. I highly recommend that you try it some time.

Overcoming the feeling of being vulnerable might be the biggest hurdle you face. I can understand the fear of being mocked or teased. Haters are going to hate. Your real friends are going to reach out.

And here’s the beautiful thing about social media – you have the capacity of blocking or muting people who try and tear you down for being YOU. Surround yourself with love and support because REAL LIFE is hard enough without the jerks on the internet.

Health Journal

I am very aware of the blister on my foot and creaky feeling in my bones and the stretch and revolt of my muscles as I power through Day 3 of my health challenge.

How many days does it take to create a habit?

According to a story published in Healthline, there are studies that say a new habit can be formed anywhere between 18 and 254 days, with an average of 66 days for this new habit to become automatic.

In comparison, my 30-day challenge seems like nothing. While this exercise and apple cider vinegar challenge is not NEW to me, the first week of this reboot is definitely a struggle.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s slow jog. I totally understand why people quit these challenges within the first week. IT SUCKS but I’m going to power through with stubborn determination.

Special Shout Outs

Today, I’m shouting out 101 Tales and the folks at Comixplex for allowing me to participate in their online event. I read two stories from my forthcoming book The Compendium of Dread Vol 1.

The replay is available at on my Comixplex profile: merej99

Time to HUSTLE and get caught up with other writing now. There are overviews of last week’s #iNDEEvent and a couple of movie reviews for Geek Insider that I need to write.

Day 3 is DONE. See you tomorrow!

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